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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

SQL Maps for PHP

I've always hated programming in PHP4.x - especally database programming. Unfortunately, even now, not everybody has made the jump to PHP5. In the office, there are still several websites that run off PHP4, and my webhost unfortunately uses PHP4 as well.

One of the most annoyings things about PHP4 is that there aren't any good database tools available. With PHP5, I at least have a sprawling list of frameworks which, as a whole, have all the features that I want and have become used to (I'm sure), but individually are still lacking. But enough about that. I'm using PHP4. That means no data mappers and no ORM tools.

It got me so upset that I wrote Mapsicle, a data mapper for PHP. It works similar to iBATIS, but with a lot less features (due to being a one man project). However, it's at least got the core functionality there.
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