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Monday, May 29, 2006

Exporting database schemas with Spring/Hibernate

If you are using Hibernate, you can use schemaexport create your database schema from your mapping files by including the following in your Ant build file:

    You will want to modify your runtime classpath to
    include the hibernate jar. 
<taskdef name="schemaexport"

    This assumes your hibernate.cfg.xml is in the default
    package; the resulting SQL will be saved in the tmp

However, this assumes the existence of a hibernate.cfg.xml file. If you are using Spring with Hibernate, you will typically configure Hibernate via Spring's configuration file. So where do you tell schemaexport your configuration is?

As far as I know, you can't. Instead, you have to do this programmatically by using LocalSessionFactoryBean#createDatabaseSchema . See the following code, and notice the "&" in front of the bean name; if you don't include the "&", you will get a SessionFactory rather than the bean:

// This assumes your LocalSessionFactoryBean is named "sessionFactory"
LocalSessionFactoryBean bean 
    = (LocalSessionFactoryBean) ctx.getBean("&sessionFactory");

From here on, you may write your own task or simply use the java task to run a little utility to create your database schema whenever you need to.
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