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Friday, June 9, 2006

iBATIS parameterClass and resultClass attributes - Don't mix them up!

I just spent an hour chasing down one of the dumbest bugs ever. As anybody who works with iBATIS knows, a simple select mapped statement without any parameters looks similar to this:

<select id="mySelect" parameterClass="MyClass">
  select * from my_table where some_criteria = #someValue#

I was scratching my head for the longest time trying to figure out why no results were returned, even though there were some 900 rows in the database.

Taking a closer look at that mapped statement: I specified the parameterClass attribute instead of resultClass attribute. So if the statement returns results and iBATIS doesn't know how to map those results to a class, it will just return an empty List. How helpful.

The lesson? Don't be stupid like me, and don't mix up your parameterClass and resultClass attributes.


And also note that it should be #someValue# if you want to access a bean property, and 'someValue' if you actually want to search for the literal someValue!
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