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Thursday, October 25, 2007

DbUnit gotchas on inserting data

If you have an XML dataset that looks something like this:

<orders id="1" date_paid="2000-07-01"/>
<orders id="2" date_paid="2000-04-01" date_voided="2000-04-02"/>
<orders id="3" date_paid="2000-03-01" date_voided="2000-03-02"/>
<orders id="4" date_paid="2000-02-01" date_voided="2000-02-02"/>
<orders id="5" date_paid="2000-01-02" email=""/>

You might be stumped when you run your test and DbUnit won't insert data into the date_voided and email columns (I know I was). Apparently, DbUnit will use the first <orders> element as a template (eg insert into orders(id, date_created, date_paid) values(...)), thus ignoring the other columns. The solution is to change your first element to make all the relevant columns null or some default value:

<orders id="1" date_paid="2000-07-01" date_voided="[null]" email="[null]"/>
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