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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Module r818x causes Ubuntu Feisty to freeze

If you have an SMP kernel (likely, as the linux-image-generic package is installed by default), the r818x is likely to freeze Feisty when using your wireless card. I found this out through trial and error with my DLink card, and there are only two possible fixes.

One is to download the WinXP driver and use ndiswrapper to install it. This isn't the route I chose, but to do it, just download the WinXP driver, and run:

ndiswrapper -i 
ndiswrapper -l

If the driver and hardware show up after the last command, you're in business. Just edit /etc/modules and add ndiswrapper to that list of modules.

The second way to do it is simply to use a non-SMP kernel, like linux-image-386, which is what I did, because I only have one processor on that machine.
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