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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Screen cheat sheet

Here's my screen cheat sheet. It's simultaneous incredibly useful and ridiculous to configure. Actually reminds me of my other favorite tool with this syndrome: vim.


I like to bind C-o instead of C-a for screen commands; I feel that C-o is easier for my old hands to hit. Here's the skinny on what goes inside that cryptic screenrc:

# Use C-o to issue commands to screen
escape ^Oo

I also bind F5 and F6 to previous and next window:

# F5 for previous window
bindkey -k k5 prev
# F6 for next window
bindkey -k k6 next


To be able to use ssh-agent within screen, you'll need this in your screenrc:

setenv SSH_AUTH_SOCK $HOME/.ssh/screen_agent
screen -t remote ssh-agent ssh-agent -a $SSH_AUTH_SOCK $SHELL

Internal commands

C-o "         Shows a list of sessions.
C-o w         Shows name of session the lower left.
C-o c         Creates a new session.
C-o d         Detaches the current session.
C-o A         Names the current session.
C-o n         Cycle to next session.
C-o p         Cycle to previous session.
C-o F         Fit the session to the current terminal.
C-o :quit     Quit all running sessions.
C-o S         Open a new region in a session.
C-o      Enter a newly created region.
C-o X         Close a region in screen.
C-o ]         Enables copy mode for copying or scrolling; use PgUp, or PgDn, etc.
              Press  to mark text for copying.
              Press  again to copy the text.
              Press C-o ] again to paste.

External commands

screen -ls    List sessions.
screen -r     Reattach a session.
screen -r foo Reattach to foo.
screen -S foo Create a screen named foo.


Clear as mud right?
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