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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wmii: Dealing with a lack of xrandr support

I use wmii on my EeePC, which is frequently connected to and disconnected from an external monitor. Earlier I posted about how to get my DPI under control using two monitors, but a different issue I had was with wmii and the lack of xrandr support. When I plug in the external monitor, I get a lot of extra screen real estate, but the status bar stays in the same place instead of moving to the bottom of the screen to take advantage of that extra real estate.

The unhappy workaround to this problem is to place this in your .xsession:

while true; do

If you do this and login via gdm by selecting "XClient script" as your session, you can quit wmii without stopping X. This will re-launch wmii and all your windows will be retagged. Not optimal, but it will do for now.
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